About us

My name is Apoorva Singh and I have started living a waste-conscious lifestyle quite recently. 

So, how did I get here?

I am an urban planner by qualification and have always been concerned about the deteriorating condition of our environment due to poor waste management in urban as well as in rural areas.

Earlier, in my college days, I was ignorant about my lifestyle and the contribution I made to make the situation of environmental degradation even worse. After college, I got the opportunity to work on the projects related to solid waste management of urban and rural areas. That is when I realized that I need to make a change and decided to start the journey of waste-conscious lifestyle. I understood how important it is to contribute at an individual level for making the circular economy efficient.  

I am Arpit Gupta. Being a mechanical engineer and also a nature lover, made me explore the technological aspects related to environmental degradation.

I am living a waste-conscious lifestyle because I understand that the problem of environmental degradation can be dealt with only at the individual level.

The technology for dealing with the waste produced has also been developed. It can only be used to its full potential when we start segregating it at individual level and disposing it off in the right manner. Waste-conscious living is all about focusing on the consumption and the disposal. And I am ready to start this journey!

Know-your-trash is our attempt to document our waste-conscious journey. And trust us, it's easy, fun and low-cost which anyone can start.